ChakradeliC is an event organizing, party promoting, sound reinforcing, beat mixing green life form of medium size, that came into existenz back in 2002.

The whole project was conceived and designed by Johnny Blue and Elastic Vision ( two secret sound agents from Planet Beat ) and the first experiment was held in Treno Laboratories.
The results where phenomenal, but due to poor attendance and lack of equipment, the green creature entered its spacesuit and decided to take a deep dive into the unknown, in search of familiar vibrations.
After spending years of transcending and shapeshifting, but keeping its incurable need for spreading the electronic sounds, ChakradeliC was scheduled to land on Planet Earth in 2009, convinced by its creators that this was the right time and place to fulfill its destiny.
Feeling a lot more comfortable in its new suit ( equipped with built-in speakers, advanced mixing and monitoring technologies and a zivania proof helmet ), the creature is now not only able to produce and handle a wider range of vibrations, but is also greener than ever before!
Its latest software update was designed to take you on a journey through the deepest of ambient landscapes, the renovated dub structures and the funkiest of organic & digital beats..

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Past Events 

ChakradeliC photo memories..